Our goal with this series:

Interviews individuals regarding their professional trajectory. This series is a platform for women, female-identified, & non-binary individuals to share their professional stories and personal narrative as it relates to their story. It was designed to hold a space for these individuals to learn from their counterparts regardless of age, status, or industry. 


This is a direct effort to continue change for the global climate by way of sharing one’s experience and personal knowledge established within that.


Series Back Story & Audience:

The series was launched a couple of years ago as my philanthropic brainchild in an effort to make a difference for my daughters' generation and has since taken on a life of its own. Our audience is larger and more engaged than we had ever anticipated and we are honored to continue contributing to the global conversation.


A general outline I follow for all podcasts:

  • Academic background and early professional life

  • Unpacking Your Company or current endeavor: When it was launched? Founders? The impetus for its launch? How it is structured? Growth thus far? Ethos of the company and its goal?  Areas/genres/populations of specialization or is there a range?

  • Goals you have for the next 3 years: scaling, expansion, brand expansion, or other areas you foresee changes

  • Advice you have for those looking to do what you do or "get involved"