I’m Patricia Kathleen, founder and premier host of 5 separate podcast series. As one of two founders of the Wilde Agency, I conduct a multitude of film and investigative projects based on our company’s ethos of diversity, inclusion, and transparency. Over the past decade, I have moderated panels, conducted film shorts,  and spoken internationally on topics regarding women’s roles and current status on the global landscape today. 


Prior to my current podcast and documentary film endeavors, I owned and shot for a fashion photography studio, made several short documentary films, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Art History with an in-depth analysis of non-sanctioned street art. After a 3 year career speaking at both international and USA based academic summits and symposiums regarding the analysis of non-sanctioned street art and visual representations, I consider myself an addict of all visual forms regarding social rhetoric.


I have worked in settings ranging from the upper echelon of corporate America to my garage, and back again, twice over. I can’t resist fringe or difficult projects if you’ve got one you’d like me to take a look at, never hesitate to contact me & my crew!


  • Changing the status of women in the USA workforce

  • Micro-cultures and systems analyzing social dynamics of the “other” as it relates to gender and the workforce

  • Societal development and implementation of “Imposter Syndrome” in women, women-identified, and non-binary individuals in the workforce across the globe

  • Contributing to a social platform with insightful and opinionated rhetoric without fear-based stereotypes and anger

  • Vegan culture and diet across the globe   

  • Contemporary health and science perspectives on Fasting

  • Menopause and research done on women’s health as it relates to menopause 

  • Post COVID trends for entrepreneurship and the old work-place


2001 BS Psychology BS Sociology, certificates of Criminology

2002 Campervan residence, surfing Australian coastlines

2002 Photography, Marketing, PR fortune 500 companies San Francisco

2005 Founded Patricia Kathleen Photography, San Francisco CA

2009 Studio #2 of PK Photography established, Seattle WA

2013 International academic summit/conferences speaking circuit

2015 Master degree in Art History and Visual Studies

2017 Founded, in partnership, Wilde Agency directing all Media efforts

2017 Launched flagship Podcast Series

2019 Launched 3 subsequent Podcast Series

2020 Podcasting and Filming 2 short documentary films in Fiji, Australia, and Vietnam when grounded by COVID 19 Pandemic (working titles “She Graffiti” and “Going Wilde: a search for name”)


  • 19 Years in media, photography, and film 

  • 4 Years in podcasting 

  • 15 Years in fashion photography  

  • Celebrity interviewer 

  • Founder of 4 businesses


Our team is currently involved in...

5 in-house podcasts:

  • The Professional Chronicles: Interviews individuals regarding their professional trajectory. This series is a platform for women, female-identified, & non-binary individuals to share their professional stories and personal narrative as it relates to their story. It was designed to hold a space for these individuals to learn from their counterparts regardless of age, status, or industry.  This is a direct effort to continue change for the global climate by way of sharing one’s experience and personal knowledge established within that.

  • Patricia Kathleen investigates Vegan Life: The goal of our work with this series is to explore Vegan and Plantbased worlds from a variety of angles to develop a more complete story about the benefits of Vegan & Plant-based lifestyles,  companies, and culture within those.  We will be speaking with vegan & plant-based companies, experts, authors, and everyone in between.

  • Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen: This series hosts a Roundtable panel of female founders, experts, and entrepreneurs examining core issues and topics deserving further exploration. Both guest line-ups and topics change with each episode.

  • Investigating the World of Fasting with Patricia Kathleen: This series aims to explore the world of Fasting from a variety of angles to develop a more complete story about the information, research, personal stories, lifestyles,  companies, and culture within Fasting.  We will be speaking with fasting experts from a variety of fields, authors, companies developed around fasting, personal narratives and testimonies from individuals living a fasting lifestyle, and everyone in between.

  • Menopause: Investigated with Patricia Kathleen: This series is currently being recorded and being vetted for Amazon Audible documentary series, NPR, and a future Netflix documentary series. Areas of investigation throughout the 50 episode series will be hormones, medical tests/advices/expertise in the USA and abroad, physical/diet/and mental alternative therapies, standard diet/exercise trends, psychology, vaginal health, and pelvic floor health/strength.


1 guest-host podcast:

  • Vanguard Culture's 2020 year of "The Ripple Effect" with Patricia Kathleen



Patricia Kathleen Podcasts  is committed to being part of the solution in the lack of equality, representation, and transparency in the current climate across all podcast genres in the USA (and globally.) 


We believe that inclusiveness should be represented not only in the podcasts we build and release but also in the way we research and relay the narratives of guests and the topics we serve. We are proud to be a female-founded company and strive to keep all minority representations fluid throughout every endeavor we have, both internally and with the podcasts we represent.


At Patricia Kathleen Podcasts we’ve recognized that our zone of genius lies in the ability to flesh out stories and narratives across the globe in order to educate and begin conversations that are the impetus for change.


  • Professional Chronicles with Patricia Kathleen

  • Investigating Vegan life with Patricia Kathleen

  • Fasting for Health, Wealth, and Happiness with Patricia Kathleen

  • The Roundtable with Patricia Kathleen





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