How Podcasts are recorded: 

  • We conduct the podcasts over the Zoom software.

  • We record both video and audio and will use the audio for podcast release and both the video and audio for the YouTube Vodcast release.

  • Both a Podcast and Vodcast will be recorded and released unless otherwise arranged beforehand.

  • Best to use headphones with a built-in mic if you have them (If you are not dealing with a professional mic/studio setup, the best audio on zoom is captured using headphones with a built-in mic rather than the mic wired into laptops.)

  • If you don’t have headphones with a built-in mic, try to record in a smaller room for less of an echo to the sound.



Installing & Using Zoom on all of your devices



Silencing your devices’ background noises and alerts for the podcast

Press Materials

I love to read all my guests work! If you have a book you'd love for me to have feel free to send it over!​

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Social Media

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