The goal of our work with this series:

This series was designed to hold a safe, honest, and transparent space for education and conversation. 


The podcast (and subsequent work derived from it) will serve as a platform for women, female-identified, & non-binary individuals to learn up to date information regarding all aspects of Menopause and how it relates both to the population it affects (women and women-identified individuals) as well as the population it affects by proxy (everyone else.) 


Series Back Story & Audience: 


The series is currently being recorded and is scheduled to start to air 09/2020 with the release of the first 10 podcasts with the initial launch. As a research team, we decided the subject matter would be best delivered through a lens of the narrative. We, therefore, are using Host Patricia Kathleen as both the narrative as well as a “case study” lens to explore the world of Menopause. 


In addition to conducting interviews in her previous investigative podcast manner with authors, product developers, and personal chronicle guests, Patricia will have therapies and medical sessions podcasted and unpacked regarding the data yielded on her position in perimenopause/menopause as a 43-year-old woman. 


Our audiences from our 4 other podcasts are larger and more engaged than we had ever anticipated and we are honored to continue contributing to the global conversation in those areas as well as to bring our candor to the subject of menopause for them and the new audience this series endeavors to obtain.


Series Outline


Defining Phases of Menopause: 

  • Perimenopause, Menopause, Post Menopause


Knowing your stats: 2 Parts Physical & Psychological:

  • Physical: Hormone tests, Urine tests, Thyroid tests, and Other medical tests/advice/expertise (in the USA and abroad)

  • Psychological: Overall psych analysis and advice as to what to be on the lookout for on a mental level


Sex/Intimate life

  • Physical Therapies: Sex therapies

  • Diet

  • Mental alternative therapies

  • Products: Lubrication, external hormone application, etc.


Vaginal & Pelvic floor health

  • What is happening to the Vagina during stages, changes to look out for

  • Activities: exercises to be done: Pelvic floor exercises - Kegels and other

  • Products to enable activities such as Kegels


Spiritual Health

  • Major world religious dialogues regarding menopause: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Wicca, Yogi’s, and other non-denominational spiritual leadersnon-denominational spiritual leaders

  • Practices that engage a conversation regarding women and menopause


Resources for Aid/Relief

  • Hormones: Traditional western/MD prescribed: hormones

  • Non/traditional alternative therapies, exercises/sports activities (yoga, walking, sauna, steam, salt rooms, etc.)  that help, 

  • Diet: what food exacerbate it and what ways of eating alleviate symptoms, 

  • standard diet/exercise trends, 

  • Psychology: retreats, support groups, individual therapy, family therapy