The goal of our work with this series 

To explore the world of Fasting from a variety of angles to develop a more complete story about the information, research, personal stories, lifestyles,  companies, and culture within Fasting.  We will be speaking with fasting experts from a variety of fields, authors, companies developed around fasting, personal narratives and testimonies from individuals living a fasting lifestyle, and everyone in between.


The series is a culturally philanthropic endeavor and is not attached to marketing or agendas other than the altruistic exploration of people and/or companies working with.


A general outline we will follow for these podcasts:

  1. A brief or in-depth history on you as it pertains to the podcast: academic background, occupation, etc.

  2. Your business or personal history or rhetoric with Fasting

  3. If it is a business, a book, or product: exploring the basics such as what your endeavor/product/etc does

  4. The ethos of the endeavor or what you do: why Fasting? What was the impetus for the development under this umbrella?

The following link is for a calendar to schedule your podcast, once you've scheduled you will be given the zoom address for the podcast date/time:


All our podcasts are conducted over Zoom, please check out the following link for some tips and frequently asked questions: